A member, Dennis Hobbs, has proposed that instead of a donation to a local charity that he was going to make, that he makes it to the club, who would aggregate any other donations members might also wish to make and present them to the charities that have been nominated by members.

We have already had a number of suggestions made to the club about the urgent needs of some of our small local charities. This is purely voluntary but it seems a worthwhile suggestion in these difficult times

The club would match all members’ donations up to a total of £5,000.  

As the need of the charities is very urgent we would need to have received your donations, preferably by bank transfer, by the 20th April.

In order not to dilute the value of the donations we are limiting the number of recipient charities to four in this instance, all of which will be local, and have been nominated by members. All charities nominated will go into a hat and the total funds distributed equally to the first four selected at random.

Thank you

Mike Lavers