Here a current Club Member can login by clicking on "Your Membership" above.

Please note that ALL existing arrangements to pay by Standing Order are being withdrawn. Members can ONLY renew by using Direct Debit (at £27.00) or by Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer or online by Pay Pal at £30.00

  • Click the link Sign in without password.
  • Then enter your email address *. An email will be sent to you so go to your email program.
  • Open the email and click on the link shown.
  • You will then be returned to this page but with an additional menu link above to "Your Membership".
  • You DO NOT need to remember a 'username' or a password to view your membership details. ​
  • When signed in click the link "Your Membership" to see your membership details.
  • Below those details a number of options will be shown. Renewal by only Direct Debit is £27,00. By Cash, Cheque, BACS or Pay Pal is £30.00
  • When signed in you can edit your details for a change of address, contact number or email address. You can also add a photo or download your Membership card.
  • If you make any changes to 'Your Membership' details click 'SAVE' and your records will be instantly updated.

* If the email address you enter to login is not accepted by the system it may well be because:-

1) There is an error in the details we have on file of your current email address

2) You may not have told us your current email address so no record of it is in our membership data base.

In either case please contact Steve Day, Web Admin at  We can then check the information we have on file

It is NOT obligatory that all members tell us of their email addresses but as more and more communications to Members are being done 'electronically' it would be useful if we had more of a complete list if only to save on our postage costs. 'Round Robin' emails are now sent regularly to members including the 'mid-magazine' Newsletter and other messages which we feel are of importance to members