A selection from 2017. Proving just how many events the Club holds during the year and the selection is not exhaustive as I don't attend everything!

If any Club Member have photos from Club events in 2017 they would like to share with a wider audience please send them to us. They do need to be in fairly large file format to display properly here.

2017_001.JPG 2017_002.JPG 2017_003.JPG 2017_004.JPG 2017_005.JPG 2017_006.JPG 2017_007.JPG 2017_008.JPG 2017_009.JPG 2017_010.JPG 2017_011.JPG 2017_012.JPG 2017_013.JPG 2017_014.JPG 2017_015.JPG 2017_016.JPG 2017_017.JPG 2017_018.JPG 2017_019.JPG 2017_020.JPG