Photos from this unique Club event

A Gallery of photos from the event held to remember one of our Founder Member's, David Wickers, and his enjoyment of the Wiscombe Park Hill Climb.

Starting at Greendale Farm Shop Members had the unique opportunity to drive down the famous hill climb, enjoying coffee and cakes and back up the hill to continue on a scenic tour and back to The Hare & Hounds for a late lunch. At least 130 members and 60 cars enjoyed the day

During the day the members were asked to donate towards Hospicecare and as a result Stephen Wickers was able to present Hospicecare a cheque for £350. Shown here is the Bentley at the presentation


WW000 WW001 WW002 WW003 WW004 WW005 WW007 WW009 WW008

This selection were taken by Gerald Crook at 'Sawbench'.

On hill 01 On hill 02 On hill 03 On hill 04 On hill 05 On hill 06

Click to view You Tube video taken by Dennis Hobbs

Flagged away by Lorna Wickers, the cars starting their run up the hill

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Car001.JPG Car002.JPG Car003.JPG Car004.JPG Car005.JPG Car006.JPG Car007.JPG Car008.JPG Car009.JPG Car010.JPG Car011.JPG Car012.JPG Car013.JPG Car014.JPG Car015.JPG Car016.JPG Car017.JPG Car018.JPG Car019.JPG Car020.JPG Car021.JPG Car022.JPG Car023.JPG Car024.JPG Car025.JPG Car026.JPG Car027.JPG Car028.JPG Car029.JPG Car030.JPG Car031.JPG Car032.JPG Car033.JPG Car034.JPG Car035.JPG Car036.JPG Car037.JPG Car038.JPG Car039.JPG Car040.JPG Car041.JPG Car042.JPG Car043.JPG Car044.JPG Car045.JPG Car046.JPG Car047.JPG Car048.JPG Car049.JPG Car050.JPG Car051.JPG Car052.JPG Car053.JPG Car054.JPG Car055.JPG Car056.JPG